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Knowledge of Structure of Cross and Longitudinal Shearing Unit Equipment

The text, which involves in knowledge of structure of cross and longitudinal shearing unit equipment, is edited, modified and published by Liaocheng Zhenxing Metal Material Co., Ltd. The company provides you with complete customized 20Cr seamless steel tubes, 20Cr alloy tubes, precision light tubes and precision steel tubes.
Specification and Model: Φ10mm-Φ200mm* 1mm-16mm
1. The text is edited and published by the company with the purpose of delivering more information and strengthening learning. Information is for your reference only. If you need to solve specific problems, please call us;
2. If work contents, copyright and other problems are involved in, please contact us. We will timely handle problems. Thank you for your full support!
I. Structure of Cross Shearing Unit Equipment
1- Steel Coil Trolley 2- Uncoiler 3-Entry Pinch Roll 4- Central Position Control Support 5-1 Centering Roll 6- Circle Shear 7- Exit Pinch Roll 8-2 Centering Roll, Thickness Gauge 9-17 Roll Straightening Machine 10- Rotary Flying Shear 11- Inspecting Stand, 12- II Piling Machine 13 and 15- Roll Oiling Machine 14-1 I Piling Machine 16-2 I Piling Machine 17- Coiler for Trimmings 18- Loop 19- Belt Conveyor 20-1 Belt Conveyor 21 and 22- Sorting Valve
II. Structure of Longitudinal Shearing Unit Equipment
1- Uncoiler 2- Loading Trolley 3- Tail-opening Pinch Roll 4-1 Side Guiding Device 5-1 Hydraulic Cutter 6- Water Plate Collecting Device 7-2 Side Guiding Device 8- Slitting Circular Shear 9-1 Pinch Roll, 10- Coiler for Trimmings 11- Loop Unit 12- Gap Bridge and Guide Plate 13- Band Steel Pressing Plate 14-2 Pinch Roll 15- Oiling Machine 16-2 Hydraulic Cutter 17-2 Side Guiding Device 18- Exit Pinch Roll 19- Recoiling Machine 20- Coil Discharging Trolley 21-Packaging Line Rotary Rack
Steel Grade and Specification: (Seamless Steel Tubes of Liaocheng Zhenxing Metal Material Co., Ltd.):
1. General Purpose Seamless Steel Tube ASTMA53GR.B, Steel Grade: SA53B, Specification: 1/4″-28″,13.7-711.2mm
2. Seamless Steel Tube ASTMA106GR.B for High-temperature Operation, Steel Grade: SA106B, Specification: 1/4″-28″,13.7-711.2mm
3. Line Tube APISPEC5L, Steel Grade: B, X42, X46, X52, Specification: 1/4″-28″,13.7-711.2mm
4. ASTMA106/A53/API5LGR.B, Steel Grade: B, Specification: 1/4″-28″,13.7-711.2mm
5. Seamless Low-carbon Steel Tube ASTMA179 for Heat Exchangers and Condensers, Specification: 3/4″, 1″
6. Seamless Steel Tube ASTMA333 for -40℃-101℃Low-temperature Operation, Steel Grade: GRA, GR1, GR6, GR7, GR3, Specification: 1/4″-28″,13.7-711.2mm
7. German Standard DIN2448/1629 Seamless Steel Tube, Steel Grade: St37, St44, St52, Specification: 1/4″-28″, 13.7-711.2mm
8. Heat Resistant Steel Seamless Steel Tube [Refractory Steel Tube] DIN17175-1979, Steel Grade: Carbon Structural Steel St35.8-St45.8/I,St35.8-St45.8/III, Structural Alloy Steel 15Mo3, 13CrMo44, 10CrMo910, Specification: 1/4″-28″,13.7-711.2mm
9. Structural Seamless Steel Tube GB/T8162-1999, Steel Grade: 10#, 20#, 35#, 45#, 16Mn [Q345], Specification: 6-720*1-70mm
10. Liquid Transportation Seamless Steel Tube GB/T8163-1999, Steel Grade: 10#, 20#, 16Mn [Q345], Specification: 6-720*1-70mm
11. Medium- and Low-pressure Boiler Tube GB3087-1999, Steel Grade: 10#, 20#, Specification: 6-720*1-70mm: 6-720 * 1-70mm
12. High-pressure Boiler Tube GB5310-1995, Steel Grade: 20 G, Specification: 6-720*1-70m